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Wheel Balancing Truing Stand

(1 customer review)

  • Includes:
  • – Aluminum adjustable frame rails
  • – Center Shaft with aligning cones
  • – 2 digital gauges
  • – 1 Spoke wrench


  • MXC professional wheel balancing & truing stand
    Constructed with durable yet light weight extruded aircraft grade aluminum, featuring adjustable frame rails for different wheel widths, has four (4) sturdy adjustable leveling feet and works on all motorcycle wheel sizes 14″-21″ , Includes threaded 15mm center shaft with aligning cones that have a range of 16mm to 30mm that provides precise alignment & is critical when truing wheels.
    Includes two (2) very precision digital indicators measuring within a hundredth of a millimeter or 5 ten thousandth’s of an inch that securely fastens to the stands frame rails and are easily adjusted for wheel size or allowing multiple measuring points . Batteries included.
    Used by MXChamp, Goldspeed & Global PowerSports to assemble & true hundreds of wheels a week.

1 review for Wheel Balancing Truing Stand

  1. Mark

    This truing stand is the best i have seen. I had one for years that was just a cheap stand to spin the wheel on but this thing is very professional and has to be much more accurate than anything else out there.


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