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Destroyed your stock wheels?

Wheel Servicing & Rebuilds

MXChamp’s rebuild service is a great solution for practice or back-up wheels. Let us replace your damaged rims, broken spokes, stripped nipples old bearings and seals, or just need truing no problem.

Why shop or have MXChamp service your wheels ?

  • Our rebuild prices are affordable , Plus it’s what we do all day every day.
  • We can customize your order.
  • From unique multi-color nipples to our MXC CarbonMatrix Hubs and our MXC A90 three staged heat treated Anodized RIMS we can provide a 15% stronger wheel combo at affordable prices.
  • This means you’ll spend less money and more time riding or racing when you do business with MXChamp USA.
  • We not only repair and service, we stock an extensive amount of wheel parts which means once we receive your wheel needing service, it’ll be on its way back to you typically within 3 business days or less.
  • Our MXC Parts quality comparison is our Standard MXC Rims are 7050 which is everyone else’s Elite or top line rim quality, and all our hubs are forged where most all others are only Billet, all our spokes have a tensile strength of 16,801nm where most all others are at best 13,000nm. Our Labor rates are at least 20% less than most all others making MXChampUSA the smart choice.



Posted on March 8, 2017

Had MXChamp rebuild my old set of wheels on my YZ450F, dropped it off on a Wed. and picked it up on Friday morning with all new bearings,seals spokes and nipples. Great service and best prices in all of Las Vegas.



Posted on March 8, 2017

Thank you for the business and great review.


Posted on March 8, 2017

Great service at a great price.
Thank you,

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